Top Gift Picks With Brain-Boosting Benefits for Seniors

Top Gift Picks With Brain-Boosting Benefits for Seniors

December 01, 2020

Written by Lisa Walker

Top Gift Picks With Brain-Boosting Benefits for Seniors 

Want to give your aging loved ones the gift of more time and memories this holiday season? Then you should think about picking out presents that will protect and boost their brain health. You can find brain gifts to fit any budget, and these gift suggestions from Memory Health will make holiday shopping for seniors much easier. 

Brain-Boosting Supplements 

Searching for a perfect stocking stuffer for the seniors in your life? According to some studies, a collagen supplement may be it! In 2018, researchers with the National Institutes of Health studied the therapeutic effects of collagen in preserving brain health and found some promising results. More research is needed before we know for certain whether collagen can protect seniors from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, but taking collagen can have other benefits too.    

When your senior uses a premium collagen supplement, he/she may also begin to notice healthier skin and joints. The latter can be a major bonus if your loved one suffers from joint pain and inflammation, which is one more reason to gift them a high-quality collagen powder.    

Other brain-boosting supplements like those offered by Memory Health® can make great gifts. Memory Health® is an all-natural, nutritional supplement that is clinically proven to support cognitive function, memory and long-term brain health. The patented formula consists of entirely all natural ingredients: Omega-3s DHA and EPA, natural Vitamin E, and antioxidant carotenoids Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin. You should always read up on products before buying so that you know you’re getting the best quality. It’s also important for seniors to check in with their healthcare providers before starting any supplement or vitamin. To learn more about the all-natural ingredients in Memory Health, check out their Ingredient Breakdown.

Interested in learning more about supplements for brain health? Read our Brain Blog article "The Best Supplements for Brain Health".

Health-Preserving Fitness Gifts  

According to archeologists, people have been practicing yoga for at least 5,000 years. It turns out that those ancient cultures were onto something when it comes to mental health. In more recent decades, researchers have discovered that maintaining a regular yoga practice has the power to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Which in turn results in improved emotional and cognitive functions, and a greater sense of happiness.    

This is why virtual yoga classes may make for a perfect present for your older loved ones. With the pandemic still very much a threat, online classes will keep seniors healthy without putting them at an increased risk. Send them some basic equipment, like a mat and props, and they will be all set to start a practice that offers numerous benefits for their bodies and brains.    

For an extra thoughtful touch, offer to upgrade your loved one’s internet connection so he/she can stream yoga and other workouts with fewer interruptions. Check to see if 5G Ultra Wideband is available where your loved one lives, and you can provide the lightning-fast speed they need. 

Powerful Diet and Nutrition Tools  

Did you know that reducing Alzheimer’s risks could be as simple as making changes to your diet? If you can encourage your loved one to switch to the MIND Diet, they may be able to cut their Alzheimer’s risk by up to 50%! That’s a huge difference when it comes to preventing such a devastating disease. The MIND diet is a fusion of the Mediterranean and DASH diets, both of which have been praised for their powerful anti-aging and health benefits.    

There are plenty of free MIND Diet recipes available on the internet. So you could buy them a smart speaker to make following these online recipes easier. Then they can also listen to mood-boosting music while they cook. The Amazon Echo 8 is the best budget pick but JBL’s Link View includes additional features that may be worth the splurge.    

You could also look into meal kit delivery services that offer Mediterranean Diet options. HelloFresh, Sun Basket and Blue Apron are top choices for consumers, and these services will deliver all of the healthy and fresh ingredients your seniors need right to their doorstep.    

When you pick out presents for your senior loved ones this year, think about choosing items that will protect and improve their brain health. Supplements, yoga classes and healthy diet tools are all perfect options, and these gifts will help ensure your loved one will be able to enjoy holidays with you for many years to come. Honestly, there’s no better gift than that. 

The Gold Standard of Brain Supplements

Memory Health® was tested and proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, becoming the first supplement to receive a patent for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative disease, specifically Alzheimer's and dementia. It has been clinically proven to improve cognitive functions and memory.  Other tested benefits include improvement in sight, focus, clarity, and mood.

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