Let's Talk Brain Nutrition

Let's Talk About Brain Nutrition

June 24, 2019

Written by Sara Uffelman

Fact checked by The Brain Blog Team

Targeted Nutrition for Brain Health

Have you ever thought about how your diet affects your brain health?  More specifically, how nutrition affects your brain health?  Did you know that even with a healthy diet, you still don’t receive enough nutrients to make a significant impact on your brain health.  In fact according to USDA data, 1 Bowl of Spinach in 1953 has the same nutritional value as over 43 Bowls of Spinach today. That's an 84% loss of nutrition!  What this means is that even with a healthy diet we don't receive proper nutrients in the quantities that our brains need.

Professor Riona Mulcahy (who specializes in brain/dementia research) said it best in a recent interview with Sky News: "The difficulty is that to get the amount of these nutrients that you need per day to achieve results, isn't possible from your normal every day diet. For example you would need to eat 200,000 trout to get the amount of one of the [ingredients] found in Memory Health called Meso-Zeaxanthin. We know a healthy diet helps, but the unique Memory Health formulation gives you the right amount to give the results that you need... So it's not just diet alone, it's really getting enough of it! This is especially difficult today as a lot of our food is now mass produced, fish is farmed, and the nutritional value of our food is going down. So even with a healthy diet, we don't receive enough of these nutrients. What Memory Health does is deliver specific key nutrients directly to the brain to prevent the brain from degenerating.”

Nutritional Supplementation for Brain Health

We all want to know how to nourish the brain to improve and protect it, and while there are foods that definitely help, such as foods high in antioxidants and omega-3s, research shows us it's typically not enough. The answer is targeted nutrition through proper supplementation. Over 20 years of scientific research point to targeted nutrition as the key to brain health.  The Memory Health formula validates this research through clinically proven results; delivering key targeted nutrients directly to your brain to nourish, protect and support long term brain health. Because the active ingredients in Memory Health already exist in your brain [FUN FACT: The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA that is found in Memory Health makes up 40% of your brain!], they're able to permeate the blood brain barrier to go straight to your brain to start taking effect.  The Founder of Memory Health, Frederic Jouhet, says it best, "Our philosophy is Targeted Nutrition. Let's find out what's in the target we're looking at, which in this case is the brain, and provide the brain with the absolute targeted nutrition it requires to be healthy. It's a more precise science, but in the end it provides a perfect solution to the patient."

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