Empower the Brain: Choose the Best Health Supplement

Empower the Brain: Choose the Best Health Supplement

November 03, 2020

Written by Ericka Gro  

Choosing the best supplement for your brain health

Did you know that our brain starts working before we are even born and continues controlling our body functions for the rest of our lives. From managing the stress of work-life, to keeping track of personal commitments and relationships, it's no secret the brain has a lot of important jobs to do. Why then do we so often overlook our brain health?  By ignoring our brain health, we put ourselves at greater risk of developing depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer's, ADD and ADHD, and many other mental health issues. Whether this is due to the lack of essential nutrients in our diets, genetic factors, lifestyle choices or the inevitable act of aging, one will have to look for treatments to cope with these brain related disorders/diseases.  Although brain health issues can sometimes be unavoidable due to various reasons, their risk can also be greatly reduced — by supplementing the body with the proper nutrition to keep the brain happy and healthy. Here are the supplements you should be taking to keep your mental health and cognitive functions intact, and how you can choose the one best suited for you: The Best Supplements for Brain Health

How well do supplements work for mental health?

No matter what field you are working in, i.e. whether you are a student or working a 9 to 5 job, taking supplements can help in enhancing your mental health. For instance, it is proven through clinical research that certain brain health supplements can help sharpen your memory and provide your brain with the sufficient nutrients to keep it healthy and function efficiently.  That said, one shouldn't assume that supplements alone can solve all mental health issues; rather, it is your overall lifestyle that needs to be examined. 

Start by letting go of unhealthy habits such as:

  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Not receiving ample sleep
  • Consuming a lot of fats  
  • Not exercising 
  • Not keeping yourself hydrated
The list of such bad habits can go on and on, therefore, make sure that your lifestyle is not contributing to deteriorating mental or physical health. 

What nutrients do you need via supplements to increase your cognitive functions and support your brain health? 

The ingredient Lutein is what's known as a carotenoid; it is a plant-based pigment that helps in reducing oxidative stress levels in the brain. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to greatly improve memory, cognition, and other brain functions. In fact, research shows that people with high levels of carotenoids in the brain have significantly better cognitive function and memory (and that patients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia are actually deficient in carotenoids). Combined with Omega-3s DHA and EPA, natural vitamin E, and the carotenoids Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin, carotenoid supplementation can effectively support your brain health and cognitive functions; one such supplement is commercially known as the Memory Health brain supplement.

How to get brain health supplements that can be beneficial for you?

No matter what medication, treatment, or supplement you want to opt for, it is always the safest option to consult with your doctor. When looking for a nutritional supplement, we recommend undergoing a thorough checkup beforehand. This way if any nutritional deficiencies are found in the body, the relevant nutrients can be added to your daily supplement routine. 

Can diet help in improving brain function?

It is often said that we are what we eat — In other words, whatever we eat or drink will have a direct effect on our health, but more specifically on our brain health. Eating a balanced diet every day can do wonders for your brain. Try incorporating health foods like green peppers, blueberries, grapes, carrots and other such colorful fruits and veggies into your diet.  A good rule of thumb is to make every plate a rainbow!  Moreover, if you are not vegetarian or vegan, you can also try adding fatty fish like salmon to your diet as they are rich in proteins and healthy omega-3s to further support your brain health. It is important to pair your brain health supplements with a healthy diet plan to achieve the most optimal results.  

Healthy Brain - Happy Life

Taking brain health supplements, developing healthy eating habits and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle can support your brain health and cognitive functioning as you age. Remember that a healthy brain isn't achieved by one or two specific things, but rather a number of factors that contribute to your overall long-term brain health. Make sure to have regular checkups and maintain a healthy lifestyle because a healthy brain is what ensures a healthier and happier life!

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